Human Resources

           1.  Required HR Posters

           2.  Ogletree Deakins Attorneys

        a. Legal Representation

        b. Employment Application & Handbook

        c. Manuals to win Unemployment & WC Claims

        d. Seminars

           3.   US Wage and Hour

                   a. Exempt or Not Exempt Fact Sheet

                   b. Basis of OT: 778.110 & 111 for hrly rate, bonus, piece work etc.

                   c. Titled Commission exemption

                   d. Travel Time

           4.  Employee Verification Information

                    a.  Social Security Employee # Verification

                    b.  US Dept. Home Land Security I-9 E-Verify

            5.  Employee vs Independent Contractor

                    a.  IRS telephone recording

                    b.  IRS booklet

                    c.  IRS – Common Law Employer

                    d.  WC statute

            6.   Unemployment Compensation in Florida Explained

                    a. Respond to First Unemployment Notice

                    b.  Appeal for Hearing

                    c.  Appeal Unfavorable Referee Decision to the Commission