Simple. Online. Paperless Payroll Process.


untitled-1    EFTPS
untitled-1   State and Federal
untitled-1   Quarterlies
untitled-1   W-2
untitled-1   Annual



untitled-1    Taxes
untitled-1   Tax Tip credit
untitled-1   Dept. Pay Register
untitled-1   Time and Labor
untitled-1   More Reports



untitled-1    Direct Deposit
untitled-1   401(k)
untitled-1   Garnishment
untitled-1   Section 125
untitled-1   Multiple Dept. Rates


See For Yourself

Click here to see the system in action

You will need the following information on the next screen:

Begin by clicking on the SHOW SETTINGS link in blue. Click the UPDATE ROLES button. Click SHOW SETTINGS again. Then enter the following information.
Password:        Pa$$word1
Service ID:       DEMOS
Client Id:          S0128
ee:                    00023
Role:                Payroll & HR