Test Your Payroll Knowledge

Exempt (Salary) or Non Exempt (Hourly)

1. The office payroll manager Nancy keeps the books, does the payroll

    and dispatches the plumbers. She makes $600 a week. Y N

2. Jack is paid $600 a week plus a commission to sell insurance from the office. Y  N


Regular & OT Pay Issues

3. Am I entitled to my two weeks vacation if I quit? Y  N

4. My boss promised me a raise after six months and now he has

   changed his mind.  Does he have to give me the raise? Y  N

5. Entitled to OT? Tom was paid $1,000 for piece work for a 42 hour week. Y  N


Did the Employee Win the Unemployment Claim?

6.  During a heated moment an employee says “I quit my job” Y  N

7. You have been telling Tom to stop being late. You eventually fire him. Y  N

8.  Nancy does not show up for work, nor does she call for 2 days. Y  N

9.  An employee that has been with you three years keeps making the

    same mistake. You are just plain tired of her sloppy work and you fire her. Y  N

Employee, Subcontractor, or not an Employee.

10. Jack does all of your cabinet installation work. Occasionally he does

     odd jobs by himself. E  S  NE

11. You’re using an employee leasing company. E  S  NE


Answers: 1. NE,  2..E,  3. Y & N. Depends on your written policy,  4. N, 5. N, 6. N

7. Most cases we have seen, Y, 8. Y,  9. Y, 10. S, 11. NE

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