The State Charges $300 for an Incorrect SS#

The State Charges $300 for an Incorrect SS#

This should resolve the problem and get the employees to give you their SS# the first time.. Per IRS Publication 515 Pay for Personal Services Performed. If a person does not provide their I-9 information they are subject to federal tax withholding of 30% .

Enroll in the W-2 and I-9 e-verify program. Both of the government’s SS # and I-9
verification links are on our site. If there is no match I-9 e-verify will issue a no match letter
to give to your employee.

1. Click on Human Resources.
2. Click on 4a) SS# E-verify
4b) I-9 E-verify

APC is not offering legal advice. Contact your legal advisor, I-9 or SS e-verify.

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Bill, Kelly, Carolyn

Posted in June.

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