Should Training Count as Hours worked? Test Your Knowledge.

  1. A key factor when determining if training is payable is who pays for the



  1. Training that takes place after the workday has ended may still be payable.


  1. If employees voluntary take classes that are directly related to their jobs, that time should be paid for because it helps the company.


  1. Someone who does unplanned work during a training secession should be paid for the training even if they would not otherwise need to be paid.



  1. False. That is not relevant. Even if your company pays for someone to attend training that does to mean the time is payable.


  1. True.  Whether or  not training coincides with the employee’s regular shift or the standard workday, you may still need to pay the employee for that time.


  1. False. An employee may need to be paid for training time if it is mandatory but not merely because your company will benefit from the knowledge the employee gains.


  1. True. If work is being done even at the time as training is taking place –

employees must be paid.

Posted in May.